Scottish Youth FA Cup Finals 2014-15

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SYFA want to give a big thank you to Craig Halkett Photography who done a great job with the photography for the Trans World Soccer Scottish Youth FA Cup Finals. Please click here to visit Craig Halkett Photography website and view all the photographs of the finals. 

craig halkett

Harmony Row YC 1993s 1-0 St Peters Juveniles Giffnock North 1993s 

harmony row yc  st peters juveniles giffnock north

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Spartans Reds 1999s 2-0 Hutchison Vale FC 1999s 

spartans reds  hutchison vale

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Broxburn Athletic Colts 1996s 3-4 aet East End United BC 1996s 

BroxburnAthColtsvEastEndUtdBC003CHP  BroxburnAthColtsvEastEndUtdBC001CHP

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Rossvale FC Thistle 1998s 1-2 Lewis United Youth 1998s 

RossvaleFCThistlevLewisUtdYouth009CHP  RossvaleFCThistlevLewisUtdYouth007CHP

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Tynecastle FC 2002s 1-4 Banks O'Dee Albion 2002s

TynecastleFCvBanksODee15 05 201500103CHP  TynecastleFCvBanksODee15 05 201500102CHP

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Rangers Sabc 2001s 1-2 Broomhill Sports Club 2001s

RangersSabcvBroomhillSportsClub004CHP  RangersSabcvBroomhillSportsClub002CHP

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Crosshouse Boys Club 2000s 4-3 Renfrew Victoria Yfc 2000s

CrosshouseBoysClubvRenfrewVictoriaYfc005CHP  CrosshouseBoysClubvRenfrewVictoriaYfc003CHP

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