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Scotland Currently has an International Football Team who is ranked 7th in the World and 4th in Europe and have qualified for the World Championship in 2015 which will be held in St Georges Park, England.

Scotland’s Cerebral Palsy / Stroke / Acquired-Traumatic Brain Injury Squad are currently seeking talented footballers 14+ to enhance their current squad in the build up to the 2015 World Championships. Attached is an information flyer giving the vast range of characteristic player may have to enable to qualify for this elite International Squad.

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The Scottish FA along with key partners are committed to offering opportunities for players with a Disability to access the game in Scotland and have the ability to reach their full potential and develop through a sustainable pathway for Disabled Footballers.

To achieve this goal the Scottish FA has produced “Scotland United; Scottish Football’s Disability Future 2012-2017”.

pdf-icon Scotland United Scottish Footballs Disability Future 2012-2017

The 5 year plan will focus on the following key outcomes

  • Sustainable Participation
  • Home of Great Coaches
  • Future Team Growth
  • Scotland Winning
  • Elite Referees
  • More Talented Players

Each of the key outcomes has a number of strategic targets to ensure Disabled players in Scotland have an opportunity to reach their full potential.

There are a number of key programmes at the heart of the plan which will allow the growth of Disability Football in Scotland.

Coach Education

The Disability programme is supported in its developed by the Scottish FA Coaching Footballers with a Disability Course. This 6 hour course will allow coaches to gain experience of developing disabled players within a mainstream environment and ensuring that football can be a true game for all.

Information on the Coaching Footballers with a Disability Course can be found


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Club Development

The Scottish FA Disability Development launched two new Disability Club Development Programmes which is supported through Quality Mark.

  • Disability Inclusive Club

The Disability Inclusive Club is open to all Scottish FA Quality Mark clubs to ensure clubs within Scotland are being fully inclusive to players with a Disability within the mainstream environment.

Clubs will receive free coach education for selected members of the club along with the club signing up to the Scottish FA Disability Charter

  • Disability Club

The Disability Club programme is open to selected Scottish FA Quality Mark clubs who are strategically selected by Scottish FA Staff to create a Disability football team within the structure of the club.

Clubs will receive free coach education and support from the Scottish FA to ensure the club can become a sustainable programme within the local community.

pdf-icon Disability Club Pack
pdf-icon Disability Inclusive Club

For more information on all programmes which the Scottish FA along with key partners delivers please contact

David McArdle
Scottish FA Disability Development Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.