inspiresport Scottish Cup Finals 2016-17

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SYFA want to thank Craig Halkett for providing all the photography, if you wish to view or buy any of the photographs from the inspiresport Scottish Youth FA Cup Finals please click on the links below:

Barrhead Y F C 1995’s 1-2 Rutherglen Glencairn Junior Football Club 1995’s

21s 1  21s 2


Lewis United Youth 2001’s 1-7 Tynecastle F C 2001’s

16s 1  16s 2


Airdrie United 1998’s 1-3 Clydebank Fc 1998’s

19s 1  19s 2


Syngenta Juveniles 2000’s 1-2 Banks O' Dee Albion 2000’s

17s 1  17s 2


Syngenta Juveniles 2004’s 4-6 aet St Peters FC 2004’s

13s 1  13s 2


Banks O' Dee Albion 2003’s 1-4 Barrhead YFC 2003’s

14s 1  14s 2


Glenvale AFC 2002’s 0-0 3-4 pens Spartans FC Youth 2002’s

15s 1  15s 2


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